About Me

Welcome to my world. This will be a rather chaotic mix of musings, family, and interests. Feel free to follow the links to where they may lead. I’ll be here when you want to come back.

I live in Tucson, Arizona and work at the University of Arizona (established in 1885 when a local saloon keeper and a gambler donated the land for the campus – and it is still considered a party school) in the Accounts Payable Department. I have two children, a daughter, Lisa Reddig and a son, Mike Reddig, and a daughter-in-law, Lauri. My family includes my parents, Herman and Bessie Aschmann, and four brothers, Bob, Tim, Dan and Rick. Oh, yes, I also have a cat, DC (Dark Cloud) who is part Persian and part something.

Drivers who don’t see pedestrians or bicyclists, or see them but don’t care, people who trash public bathrooms and people who don’t take responsibility for their lives. Let me know some of yours.


I enjoy reading, riding the bus, riding my bike and walking. I would be perfectly happy to spend most of my time travelling (unfortunately I do have to earn a living) and staying in hostels. I spend way too much time wandering around on the Internet but don’t intend to cut down. I have links throughout my web pages to places that I enjoy going to. You can also read my resume to see what I have done in the workplace.

I love too many authors to have a favourite author, but my favourite poem is “IF” by Rudyard Kipling.