Travelling is always a big bucket list item for many people but many don’t have an opportunity to do it. But sometimes a chance comes your way but you have to make the journey on your own. When you have to travel alone and that to a very unfamiliar place, things quickly seem to get difficult. This article is to help those people who want to venture out into the unknown by giving you some very simple tips to make the whole process a little easier.

  • Travelling alone means the alone person you can rely on is yourself. So it is important to know your strengths. For example, if you thrive as a social person try to go to places that speak the same language as you and if you are an introverted person who does not want to have conversations, try looking into things like foreign café culture where you can just sit down to read or observe people on the street. But if you like a challenge, try to push your boundaries as much as possible but keep in mind what you are and are not capable of.



  • You can save a lot of money and experience a totally different side of a culture just by changing where you sleep. Staying at hotels will give your trip a very touristy feel and if you are looking to avoid that, try to find hostels or homestays which are run by the locals which will be a LOT cheaper and leave you feeling like you have learnt much more than staying at expensive hotels.


  • Solo trips mean a lot of alone time with yourself. This is a perfect opportunity to feel good in your own company. Many of us are bombarded with social interaction all the time and forget to appreciate the company of one’s own self. If you have to have interaction then you are forced to make new friends which is always healthy too. Win-Win.


  • Learning to say no is a big lesson many people learn the hard way. Cultures are different and due to these cultural barriers locals may look at a foreigner with more attention than is comfortable. Many hawkers will try relentlessly to sell you things and the best course of action in such circumstance is to just say no. Being polite might be misunderstood as interest and can lead to awkward and annoying situations. To be on the safer side just say no.


  • Enjoy the freedom that comes with travelling alone. It’s unlike anything you can experience. There is a sense of pure freedom and thrill that is just addictive. Every person who goes on a solo trip comes back different and a little wiser about the world around them. Revel in that freedom because everyone deserves to live like that.