It so happens that you don’t always need the big bucks to travel. Travelling can be just as fun and be exhilarating even on a smaller budget. Sure, you might not always get to stay at 5-star hotels and luxurious resorts, but there’s more to a good trip than that. For people who are in dire need of a vacation but are on a tight budget, we have listed out here, some of the cheapest places you can travel to and still have a blast.

Thailand is among one of the most popular tourist locations in the world. The travelling cost to the city is extremely cheap and even staying at a luxurious location there would only cost you as much as cost of living in a major city would. Further, Thailand provides a lot of opportunities to both shop and eat on the streets which means you don’t have to hit expensive malls or restaurants. Finally, while in Thailand you also have the liberty to escape the hustle and bustle of city life in Bangkok and stay near sandy beaches and clear blue waters in Phi Phi Island or one of the many others.

2: CUBA:
Cuba and especially its capital city Havana, has been a favourable vacation stop much before certain travel restrictions were lifted. To this day, the city’s history has left its touch on Havana’s appearance and way of life and thus, you will have the pleasure of seeing many old buildings and vintage cars when you take a stroll around the city. Despite how small your budget is, almost all hotels and cottages in the city are shore side and this gives you the opportunity of exploring the beaches and nightlife in Havana and dipping your toes in beautiful Caribbean waters.


Costa Rica has the reputation of having a universally low cost of living and is thus one of the cheapest places to vacation in. With places like Tamarindo and Playa Grande that offers both seasides, in the form of gorgeous crystal clear waters and surfing lessons, as well as wildlife in the form of spotting leatherback turtles and a wildlife refuge that’s filled with howler monkeys, Costa Rica is both a fun and exotic sanctuary away from home.

4: BALI:
Its breath taking and exotic scenery makes Bali a place unlike any other on earth. With accommodations as cheap as even 15-17 dollars a night, the beautiful city is also one of the cheapest places travel to. Bali is a city meant for exploring and you just need to step out of your hotel room to be engulfed by its beauty.

5: PERU:
Its accessibility and affordability make Peru a favourite vacation spot for young people with a tight budget. Filled with beautiful old ruins and remains of Spanish settlements, Peru is a perfect place to go on hikes and camp in. Make sure that your body is strong and fir, before you venture here, for many parts around Peru, cannot be reached via cars and needs you to go on foot.