What You Need to Know Before Travelling to Bali

Depending on what you imagine the perfect holiday or getaway to be, Bali could either fulfil all your hopes and dreams or leave you not wanting more ever again.

It is not considered a difficult place to travel to. This goes for both regular travellers, as well as non-travellers. As a country that is on the more budget-friendly side, it makes for quite the popular destination, right next to Phuket in Thailand.

As with any country, however, there is a lot to consider before choosing whether you want to visit their country or not.

First of all, the country is an island—style. The same goes for its day-to-day living conditions. For some people this is paradise, but for others, a 5-star hotel in a big city might be better.

Regardless, when travelling to Bali, these are some things you need to consider before planning your trip.


Travelling to Bali

Traffic – Much like a 24-hour traffic jam, the traffic in Bali is crazy, to say the least, and that’s not just the case in rush-hour traffic. Getting around on either vehicle or, in most cases by motorcycle, is harder than it looks. It takes forever. It’s important to take this into consideration when planning trips for the day. You don’t want to plan on seeing the sunset and get stuck in a car for a few hours while doing so, not on your first day at least.

When on the road, choose a MOTO-Taxi or a scooter – This is considered a much cheaper option when compared to that of hiring a car, however, it might not be the safest. Although you’ll be paying for a car service, it’s not set in stone that the driver will actually drive safe. When travelling alone or in pairs, a renting a scooter for either a day or a week is also quite popular and since you’re driving, a bit safer too.

Strict drug laws – It doesn’t matter what it is when in Indonesia, don’t use drugs or have any in your possession. This is an extremely serious law in Indonesia and getting caught will get you no less than the death sentence.

Avoid drinking the water – It is extremely important to avoid all tap water in Bali as when consumed, it will make you sick. Be sure to buy all of your water when visiting Bali.

Respect the Culture of the Balinese – The people of Bali, the Balinese, have a very strong culture. This includes canang sari’s placed everywhere in Bali. When walking around, watch your step as stepping on them might cause other people damage.

There are stray dogs, everywhere – If you’re a dog lover, this might not be such a beautiful sight to see and if you’re thinking why the Balinese don’t look after them, they do. There are many dog shelters and rescue centres around Bali but unfortunately, they are all over-populated. Be sure not to pet the strays as some of them might bite you and could make you sick.