Where To Go Travelling


Life is nothing if you haven’t seen half of the world. While we sit in front of our laptops and spend hours whining, we can use that time to go and travel places. The myth about traveling is that we think it has to be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many places where you can travel with not much money but have full experience nonetheless. You can save a few bucks and go to these down below places for refreshment.



Vietnam. You can visit this country as it went through a remarkable change after the American war. However, it remains a great destination for Western visitors. The most significant attraction for tourists is the sublime countryside. They also have an excellent cuisine which you can get after spending a small amount of money.



Thailand. The country has beaches and exotic sight seeing. It is always pretty cheap when it comes to traveling there. You can go around watching the excellent scenery and also have fun with their high culture and good food. You will not be disappointed when it comes to sight seeing. The guides are also pretty great but when you have Google, what else do you need?



Uruguay. If you want a great destination with a better value, then this should be your next stop. They make one of the tastiest steaks and also helps you refresh your taste buds with their ingredients. You would also have many beaches to choose. However, we would advise you to stop by CaboPolonio if you want to be closer to nature and are looking for somewhere quieter.



Prague. The city takes the cheapest city visit in Europe. The city is beautiful with lots of colors and lot to look around. You might come across many Bachelor parties but worry not; it’s pretty standard for people out there; This is your ultimate city for a gateway. If you like history and decent beers, you will definitely like this place because the city is full of both of that.



Greece. Don’t be sad knowing about the financial crisis Greece is going. The least you can do is visit the country and help the locals while enjoying the beauty of the country. You definitely might want to take a nice camera because you will have an awful lot of pictures to take.


These are a few great places where you could visit even if you are short on cash and want to go on an adventure. You might be surprised as to how nicely with a limited amount of money you can go around having the time of your life. Traveling is necessary, especially if you think you need to feed your mind and soul with something great. Nothing is better than going every once in a while with your family members or even alone. Both of it works fine for everybody.